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Count cards with
wong counter!

You want to win money in online casinos?

We can show you how it is done!

Use our app to help you in card counting!

It provides ALL the important data to make the BEST decision at any given game state!

Our app is 

How does it work??

You note the played cards with your keyboard

The app calculates every important tool for you!

You get your TC, chance to win, and optimal bet size, and more!

The app tells you what to move based on your and the dealer's cards

How profitable is it?

As you can see on the diagram, i more than quadrupled my money in 3 months.

You can make profit reliably with the app!

These are pictures of the app.

You just need to type in your casino rules (number of decks, minimum bet size) and the cards as they are being played, and the app tells you the following information:


  • To take or do not take insurance. (100% accurate)
  • Your current win chance.
  • Mathematically the best bet that you can take on your next round.
  • The True count (TC)
  • The number of cards that has been played (out)
  • Your best move based on the dealer’s hand and yours.


You can download the trial of the app for FREE!

It is the same app, but you can play only 1 and 10
deck Blackjack with it.

Buy the full product here!

How much does it cost?

We give the full app for 10$ just for the first 2 weeks of sale!


If you use it properly, it will make the cost back in hours!

Important notes
before buying:

Before you buy the product you need to know the following things:


  1. The program uses the played cards to mathematically calculate your best moves in evry given situation. It DOES increase your win chance, but Blackjack is a gambling game. You WILL lose rounds with using the app anyway!
  2. Read the Readme.txt file what you get with purchasing the app, it will teach you how to use it.
  3.  Risking money at Blackjack with the app is completely the costumers’s responsibility. The creator of this site, and the app does not take any responsibility for the money the costumer loses while gambling.
  4.  The app uses the Wong-Halves card counting system and is optimalized to  the folowing blackjack rules:
    1.  Dealer stands on soft 17
    2.  Surrender is now allowed
    3. Double after split is not allowed
  5. If these rules do not match with what “your casino” uses, you can contact me and I optimalize the app for your rules.


Contact us!

 If you have any questions regarding the app, the website, or the payments, feel free to contact us with filling this form, or by email.